More than 1600 species of plants, many of which are unique, have been recorded on Mount Olympus.

It is no coincidence that this area is home to the protected “Olympus National Park” which is globally unique for its biodiversity. In these pristine meadows, at an altitude of300 to 1800 metres there are unique climatic conditions for the production of fine quality honey, pollen, royal jelly and other agricultural products.

So the philosophy of our company in OLYMPIO FOODS is the production of honey in the region of Olympus along with the collaboration of a network of producers that will allow us to have almost entirely pristine- virgin material (pure honey) to fully nourish all our customers around the world.

Furthermore for almost two years, our company has been participating in a research program aiming at upgrading the honey of Olympus to a medicinal product due to its excellent properties.

The philosophy of our company OLYMPIO FOODS is to operate on a sound scientific basis in each step of production and rely on the principles of autonomy, leadership and scientific research.

This philosophy is an excellent result summarized in three words: superior quality, taste and leadership. This is the philosophy which we hope will establish our presence in many developed markets around the world.

Our corporate vision is to have satisfied customers willing to spend more for products that are recognized for their advantages and specific characteristics. To have satisfied farmers to cooperate with us by working systematically to improve the crops they produce and enjoy a better price for their products. To we have a pretty strong company that can become the bridge between the demanding consumer and the proud worker.